DRF Basketball World

Individual Skill Development


What do I have to offer? Everything that is missing in today's game. The knowledge that "defend-rebound-finish is the breakfast of champions!" The knowledge necessary to implement and master the art of "defend-rebound-finish." The knowledge that the traditional shooting model is flawed and how to fix it--immediately. The knowledge of the weaknesses of the NBA zone and how to fix it; by teaching the 4 Rules of Defense that apparently no one else knows. Lastly, when you hire me, you get a coach that not only talks the talk but who can also walk the walk. That is, everything I teach I have personally mastered myself.

"At DRF, we flip the script! That is, we audition for you!"

1 on 1 Defense Development - Rebounding Development - Shot Development
Ball Handling Development - Court Awareness and Basketball IQ Development

Amateur Rate: $60 per hour