DRF Basketball World

Be The Next Ultimate Defender

When you master the four rules of defense, you instinctively know how to control the opposition via proactivity as opposed to reactivity, proper angling and spacing, coupled with a high basketball IQ. Contrary to popular theory, control is the purview of the defender.

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DRF Sports Agency offers 5 hour extreme shooting camps to learn and perfect the art of shooting using the DRF revolutionary two motion design as well as individual instruction to learn and master the four rules of defense. Guard anyone--their size will be irrelevant. Learn to play the game the way it was meant to be played... "defend-rebound-finish--the breakfast of champions." Get real training premised upon basketball IQ and proven Scientific and Mathematical Principles. *We don't use extraneous technology gimmicks or simulations that pay little dividends on the court.* The only machines we instruct are athletes.