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"Learn the Four Rules of Defense & Be the Next Ultimate Defender"

What's the benefit of "defend-rebound-finish?" Showtime basketball (the transition game).
The object is to play stellar half court defense, rebound and then finish (score)--full court offense (transition) which means the opponent will always be at a disadvantage running backwards defending the entire court. It's common sense, the team running backwards on defense for 94 feet all night long will never defeat a team running forward on offense all night long, while playing stellar half court defense for 47 feet.

"Defend-rebound-finish is the breakfast of champions!" -Gary B. Jefferson


Our year round extreme basketball shooting camps are designed to familiarize you with DRF's superior shooting technique followed by 3 hours of on court training to reinforce the proper use and knowledge of the two motion design. The benefits are immediate resulting in increased consistency and accuracy with a lightning fast release.

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